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Temple Baptist Church



March 10, 2019



Bro. Mike Craig



Hymn #395    I Love You with the Love of the Lord


Hymn # 4                                                       Almighty

Hymn # 5                             How Great is Our God

Hymn # 6                                How Great Thou Art


Prayer Time

Bro. Randy Moore



Hymn #                                     O Praise His Name


Hymn # 276                                                  Alleluia




Special Music

Linda Rudd



Bro. Mike Craig








Hymn # 437                   Wherever He Leads I’ll Go


          There is a sign-up sheet located in the auditorium for anyone that would be interested in providing SPECIAL MUSIC on a Sunday morning or evening.

            Also, we will be having a 5th Sunday Music service on March 31st and we need volunteers to sing, play a musical instrument, etc. Please sign up today!

            If you have questions, please call Brother Dave Stetson @ 817-304-5104.




            Our church will be serving a meal for the NOONDAY service at OBU on March 13th. We will be serving home-made chili and home-made cookies. A sign-up list is located in the auditorium. Please have all CHILI & COOKIES at the fellowship hall before 10:00 am this Wednesday, March 13th.

            Volunteers are also need to help serve the meal. Please meet at OBU Geiger Center at 11:15 am!

                SIGN-UP TODAY!!!


                Any questions??? Please contact Bro. Paul Needham 405-808-5975


Sunday School Teachers

     ALL Sunday School teachers are reminded about the teacher/families luncheon next Sunday, March 17th, at 12:30 pm in the fellowship hall. Please make plans to attend!



D-NOW WEEKEND for our youth

March 15-16-17

Theme: “WANTED” by God

Volunteers are needed…

          We need…We need…We need… you can help…you can help…you can help…

          ***5 homes for an overnight stay of a small group of youth (4 or 5 youth) plus their adult leader for Friday & Saturday nights only.

          ***5,000 Volunteers (12 might be better) to bake homemade cookies. (Watch for the sign-up list)

          If you have questions, please call Bro. Randy Moore @ 405-640-0964


Annie Armstrong North American Mission offering

            Our goal this year is to give $5,000 to the Annie Armstrong North American Mission offering. This offering provides 49% of the needed support for over 5,00 missionaries who are serving in the United States & Canada. The Cooperative Program provides 36% and other revenue provides 15%. This offering is a BIG DEAL!

    Offering envelopes are located in the hymnal racks.

            Last year our church gave $4,361.

            The spiritual needs in North America are great! Give that others may hear the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and that their lives be eternally changed.


Senior Christian Fellowship

            ALL Senior Christians are invited to the next fellowship this Thursday, March 14th, leaving the west parking lot at 11:15 am. We will be traveling by church bus and/ or cars to LaDonna’s Grill in Meeker for lunch.

Bro. Mike Craig – Pastor

Bro. Randy Moore - Associate Pastor of Youth & Outreach

Bro. Dave Stetson- Music Minister

Sunday March 10th, 2019

Deacons Meeting                                                            8:00 am

Sunday School BIBLE study classes                              9:45 am

Children’s Church immediately after music                 11:00 am

Morning Worship time/Mike Craig preaching             11:00 am

“God’s Word-Ignore it; burn it; or obey it”

Jeremiah 36:2-4, 20-24, 27-28, 31-32

Dr. John Nichols-Gideon testimony

Rose Manor nursing home service                                 1:30 pm

‡ Pastor Search Committee meeting                             4:00 pm

Choir practice/ Easter Musical                                       5:00 pm

Evening Worship time/Mike Craig preaching               6:00 pm

“One vital thing that must get better!”

John 1:35-51


Monday March 11th, 2019

MONDAY NIGHT VISITATION                                 6:30 pm

  Team 1- Bob Renegar, Debi Renegar, Tina Wolfe-Clark

  Team 2- Bob Jones, Mina Jones, Gerald Beltz

  Team 3- R.J. Stokes, Julie Floyd, Steve Jackson


Wednesday March 13th, 2019

‡ OBU Noon-Day meal                                                         noon

‡ DISCIPLESHIP NIGHT                                             6:30 pm

Ø  Bible study & Prayer meeting

Ø  Youth Meeting

Ø  AWANA classes for children

Ø  College “REVIVE” meeting                              7:30 pm


Thursday March 14th, 2019

‡ Senior Christian fellowship                                       11:15 am


Friday-Sunday March 15th-17th, 2019

‡ D-NOW Youth discipleship weekend


NEXT SUNDAY March 17th, 2019

‡ Sunday School teacher/families luncheon               12:30 pm


Today – A.M Jason W, Megan K, Matthew S

                         Terrie H, DeAnna H, Logan W

                P.M. ≈ Derrick W, Lynne D

Next Sunday A.M. ≈ Kym C, Paula L, Keilani A

          Shawna B, Cheryl J, Chotkey Boys

          P.M. ≈ Dedra J, Ruth C



Deacon of the Month

Robert Schoenecke                                 273-2808

            Terry Coursey                                         596-0980

If You Have A Need, Please Call.



Today ≈ Susan B

Wednesday ≈ Benny/ Susan B

Next Sunday: ≈ Cody B



Parking Lot Duty

Today: A.M ≈ Greg M, Terry C

            P.M. ≈ Tawa A, Scott N

Wednesday Jim G, Mike W, Joe O


Next Sunday: A.M. ≈ Cody B, Mike G

                      P.M. ≈ James V, Chris C

Wednesday: ≈ Ed B, Steve J




            Today ≈ Leon F, Mike G

                                       Robert S, Cody B

   Adam C, James V

     Next Week ≈ Ronald B, Bob R

                      Tommy W, Jay K

                           Scott N, Jim G


Temple Baptist Church           1234 E. Highland   P.O. Box 3277

Shawnee, Ok  74802-3277

(405) 275-0937


E-Mail:  tbcshawnee@gmail.com



Website:  Tbcshawnee.Com




Dr. John Nichols