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Temple Baptist Church



July 22nd, 2018





Bro. Randy Moore



Hymn #28                         To God Be the Glory

Hymn #315                   His Name Is Wonderful


Prayer Time

Bro. Randy Moore


Hymn # 111                             The Love of God

Hymn # 473           Just a Closer Walk with Thee





Bro. Randy Moore





Hymn #545                                 Living for Jesus

Brazil Mission Trip

The Brazil Mission team will be returning this Thursday, July 26th. They will be giving their “Mission Report” to our church on Sunday, July 29th during the morning worship service.

Thanks for your prayers & Support!!!




            IT’S ALMOST TIME for the FALL SEMESTER of MONDAY NIGHT VISITATION to begin. Your team will visit only one Monday night a month (either the 2nd or the 4th Mondays of each month.) The FALL SEMESTER runs August through November. The sign-up sheet is located at the front of the auditorium and we need leaders AND helpers to make up the 3-person teams.

            Deadline to sign up is NEXT SUNDAY, July 29th. SIGN UP TODAY!



Music Minister Search Committee

          Remember to pray for the Music Minister Search committee. They are Tawa Anderson- chairman, Jay Keehn, Julie Floyd, Paula Lauderdale, and Amanda Wilson.



            I want to say THANK YOU ladies for the wonderful surprise luncheon and all your kind words and gifts. I love you all and thanks for showing your love to me!!!


                                                --- Ruth Craig


You are cordially invited

To celebrate the marriage of


Mary R. Jones


Brady M. Wright


4th of August 2018


at two o’clock in the afternoon


Reception to follow


Temple Baptist Church

1234 E. Highland

Shawnee, Oklahoma


(in Lieu of Gifts, please donate to our Honeymoon Fund)


When, Where and How I was saved….

Bro. Mike Craig – Pastor

Bro. Randy Moore - Associate Pastor of Youth & Outreach

Opportunities for this week


Sunday July 22nd, 2018

   Sunday School BIBLE study classes                   9:45 am

   NO Children’s Church (until September 2nd)

   Morning Worship time/Randy Moore              11:00 am

“Back to the Question”

Matthew 19:16-26

   Rose Manor nursing home service                  1:30 pm          

   Evening Worship time/Bill Ashworth               6:00 pm

“Come and See”

John 1:35-46




Wednesday July 25th, 2018

   DISCIPLESHIP NIGHT classes                      7:00 pm

·         Adult Bible Study/ Ken Pennington leading

·         YOUTH Meeting

·         Children’s classes



Thursday July 26th, 2018

    Brazil Mission team returns!                         10:30 am




Next Sunday July 29th, 2018

 Brazil Team mission report                             11:00 am

 5th Sunday Music service                                   6:00 pm





Today – A.M  Cathy C, Kara M, Allie M

                           Kay & Ken W, Mataeo A

   Barbie C, Mary N

Next Sunday A.M. ≈ Teresa C, Barbara M, Logan W

          Mary W, Ryan S

          P.M. ≈ Teresa W, Krista M


Deacon of the Month

Robert Schoenecke                                 273-2808

            Terry Coursey                                         596-0980

If You Have A Need, Please Call.


Today ≈Brian S

Wednesday ≈ Benny / Brian S

Next Sunday: ≈ Benny


Parking Lot Duty

Today: A.M ≈ Adam C, Ed S

            P.M. ≈ Bob R, Benny F

Wednesday  Derrick W, Brian J


Next Sunday: A.M. ≈ Tom D, Chris C

                      P.M. ≈ Mike D, Gary M

Wednesday: ≈ Tom S, Robert W



            Today   Ed B, Mike G

                Greg M, Tom D                 

                                        Derek R, Oscar B  

     Next Week ≈ Larry C, Bill C

                      Tommie W, Joe H

                                       Carl H, Ed S



            This Week ≈ A.M.- Paul N

                                  P.M.- Tom D

            Next Sunday ≈ A.M.- Jason W




Jason W

Temple Baptist Church           1234 E. Highland   P.O. Box 3277

Shawnee, Ok  74802-3277

(405) 275-0937


E-Mail:  tbcshawnee@gmail.com



Website:  Tbcshawnee.Com