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Temple Baptist Church



January 20, 2019





Bro. Mike Craig



Hymn #601                                      I’ll Fly Away

Hymn #                10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)


Prayer Time

Bro. Randy Moore



Hymn # 535                         I am Thine, O Lord

Hymn # 553                      Jesus, Draw Me Close




Special Music

Paula Anderson

Face to Face



Bro. RJ Stokes




Hymn # 434          I Have Decided to Follow Jesus



            Our church voted in our November & December business meetings to accept a Building & Grounds committee recommendation to remodel our auditorium. We have hired a Professional Painting Company to repaint the auditorium. This will be taking place soon during the month of January. Following the painting, the carpets in our auditorium will be replaced by a Professional Carpet Company.

            All of these improvements will make it necessary for us to make some adjustments in our meetings on Wednesday nights and possibly on a Sunday or two. Thank you for being patient with us during this time! We will be working hard to keep the church family informed about these matters. 😊



CHRISTMAS & BIRTHDAYS are not the only times that children love to get a toy!!!


          Our church has begun a new children’s program for Wednesday nights called “AWANA”. “AWANA” stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed. This bible program emphasizes scriptures memory, Bible stories, and fun games. Part of the fun of memorizing the scriptures is getting enough points to get to pick a children’s toy from the toy room and the toy room needs some help!

          If you would like to help, please purchase some inexpensive toys at stores like “DOLLAR TREE”, ETC. and place them in the donation box located in the corner of the auditorium. The toys will be used all year long to challenge and encourage our children.

          We will be receiving toy donations throughout the month of January. THANK YOU for helping!


        IT’S TIME for a new semester of Monday night visitation. We need LEADERS & helpers for our Spring semester (Feb-May), one Monday night a month. Please sign-up if you would be willing to be on a team to help.

Sign-up sheet is located in the auditorium!

Any questions please contact Bro. Randy @ 405-640-0964.



Church-Wide Valentine Fellowship

          Our church is planning for a Church-Wide Valentine fellowship on February 10th in the fellowship hall beginning at 5:00 pm. This will be a “Spaghetti Dinner” with lots of extra food things PLUS desserts! 😊

          We have a sign-up list located in the auditorium for two purposes. First, if you and your family plan to attend that night, please sign up each person. Second, we need volunteers to make desserts. If you can prepare a dessert, please sign up on the appropriate list. 😊

          Besides the wonderful meal, there will be “entertainment” provided that night that you won’t want to miss!!! Our “entertainment” follows this scripture… “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…” Proverbs 17:22

Sign up TODAY!

Bro. Mike Craig – Pastor

Bro. Randy Moore - Associate Pastor of Youth & Outreach

Bro. Dave Stetson- Music Minister

Opportunities for this week

Sunday January 20th, 2019

  Sunday School BIBLE study classes                   9:45 am

   Children’s church (immediately after music)

  Morning Worship time/RJ Stokes preaching      11:00 am

“Amazing Salvation”

1 Peter 1:10-12

   Choir Practice (looking at Easter Music)              5:00pm

   Evening Worship time/Mike Craig preaching     6:00 pm

“Is your cup full-is your life full of purpose and meaning?”

Psalm 23:5c





Wednesday January 23rd, 2019

  DISCIPLESHIP NIGHT                                   6:30 pm

Ø  Adult Bible study & Prayer meeting

Ø  Youth Meeting

Ø  AWANA classes for children

Ø  College “REVIVE” meeting                        7:30 pm



Today – A.M Kym C, Paula L, Keilani A

                         Shawna B, Cheryl J, Chotkey Boys

                P.M. ≈ Dedra J, Ruth C

Next Sunday A.M. ≈ Kara M, Cathy C, Elaina S

          Ken & Kay W, Mataeo A

          P.M. ≈ Barbie C, Mary N



Deacon of the Month

Steve Jackson                                          788-6094

            Larry Cargill                                            273-0375

If You Have A Need, Please Call.



Today ≈ Cody B

Wednesday ≈ Benny/Derrick W

Next Sunday: ≈ Derrick W



Parking Lot Duty

Today: A.M ≈ Cody B, Mike G

            P.M. ≈ James V, Chris C

Wednesday Derrick W, Brian J


Next Sunday: A.M. ≈ Cody B, Mike G

                      P.M. ≈ James V, Chris C

Wednesday: ≈ Derrick W, Brian J




            Today ≈ Ronald B, Bob R

                                       Tommy W, Jay K

   Scott N, Jim G

     Next Week ≈ Ed B, Mike G,

                      Greg M, Tom D

                           Derek R, Oscar B


Temple Baptist Church           1234 E. Highland   P.O. Box 3277

Shawnee, Ok  74802-3277

(405) 275-0937


E-Mail:  tbcshawnee@gmail.com



Website:  Tbcshawnee.Com