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Temple Baptist Church


Sunday December 10, 2017





Bro. Mike Craig


Hymn # 199                            O Come All ye Faithful

Hymn # 198                                  What Child is This

                      Special Music ® Tom Daubert


Prayer Time

Bro. Randy Moore


Hymn          #208                                     Away in a Manger

                     Special Music ® Linda Rudd





Bro. Mike Craig




Hymn # 437          Wherever He Leads I’ll Go



FIRST, the Temple Baptist Church choir will be presenting a Christmas Musical in celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday on December 17th, during the 11:00 am worship service.

SECOND,  on December 17th, our church will be observing a candlelight observance of the Lord’s Supper during the 6:00 pm worship service.

THIRD,  our church will  celebrating on New Year’s Eve with a showing of the Christian movie “War Room” @ 6:00 pm on December 31st in the auditorium. This will be followed by a “favorite snack” time in the fellowship hall @ 8:00 pm. Please bring your favorite snack to enjoy and share.



The LOTTIE MOON CHRISTMAS OFFERING for INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS continues today.  Our goal is $10,000. Offering envelopes are located in the hymnal racks.

Our total thus far is $3018.10.

This offering provides approximately 50% of the support for over 4,000 missionaries.

Also continuing today is the LOTTIE MOON MAIL BOX, where you can send Christmas cards to fellow church family, and donate 25 cents per card to our church’s LOTTIE MOON CHRISTMAS OFFERING goal. A “money box” is located on the top of the “Lottie Moon Mail Box”. Please check the tables in the lobby for your Christmas cards.




Thanks to all who took an “angel” off our Temple Baptist church “Angel Tree”.

Those gifts are due today. Please place the gifts in a trash bag and attach the official name tag securely to the bag and place under the “Angel Tree”.       




            There is a Sunday School teachers/ families meeting TODAY, Decmber10th, beginning at 12:30 pm in the fellowship hall. ALL Sunday School teachers and their families are urged to attend. Our Sunday School director, Robert Schoenecke, will have some things to share. All Sunday School teachers & their families are invited and urged to attend.



   Still looking for…


          Our preschool Committee is looking for an additional 1 adult helper to assist our church in its Extended Session ministry. Our church provides Extended Session childcare for nursery babies through 5 year olds during our morning & evening worship services.         

If you might be interested in helping ON THE FIFTH  SUNDAY, please contact Teresa Williams, Kay Webb, or Cheryl Jackson.


Senior Christian Fellowship

All Senior Christians are invited to participate in some “giving” at this Christmas season. We will meet this Thursday, December 14th, @ 9:30 am in our fellowship hall to travel by church bus or cars to Brookdale Assisted living center and Rose Manor nursing home to sing Christmas carols to the residents there. After singing, we will go to Cracker Barrel restaurant for lunch.

 Everyone please bring money for lunch.








Bro. Mike Craig - Pastor

Bro. Randy Moore - Associate Pastor Of

               Youth & Outreach

 Bro. Mark Atteberry - Music Minister \


Opportunities for this week

Sunday December 10, 2017


   Sunday School BIBLE study classes                       9:45 am

   Children’s Church (immediately after the music)                  

  Morning Worship… Bro Mike Craig preaching    11:00 am

“God’s will and your life”

Luke 1:26-38 and Matthew 1:18-25

‡ Sunday School teachers & family lunch/meeting12:30pm

  Rose Manor nursing home service                        1:30 pm

   Choir practice today                                                4:30 pm

   Evening worship…Brother Mike Craig preaching  6:00 pm

“Good news; Bad news”

Revelation 10:1-11



Wednesday December  13, 2017


            u Adult Bible study & Prayer meeting

            u Youth Meeting 

            u  Children’s Classes



Thursday December 14, 2017

    Senior Christian fellowship                              9:30 am




NEXT Sunday December 17, 2017

    A Christmas Musical…“What A BEAUTIFUL NAME”

11:00 AM






Today – A.M ≈ Jason W, Megan K, Charis M.

Terrie H, DeAnna H, Katelynn W.

 P.M. ≈ Lynne D.


Next  Sunday A.M. ≈ Kym C, Paula L, Keilani A.

Shawna B, Cheryl J., E. J. C.

P.M. ≈ Dedra J, Ruth C.


Deacon of The Month

Chris Collier                                            802-5152       

            Terry Coursey                                        596-0980

If You Have A Need, Please Call.


Today ≈ Susan B.

Wednesday ≈ Benny / Cody B,

Next Sunday: ≈ Cody B.  


Parking Lot Duty     

           Today: A.M = Greg M, Mark R.

                                  P.M. ≈ Tawa A, Scott N.

Wednesday ≈ Jim G, Mike W, Joe O.


Next Sunday: A.M. ≈ Cody B, Mike G.

P.M. ≈ James V, Tommy W.

Wednesday:  ≈ Ed B.



     Today Leon F, Mike G.                                                            

                                  Robert S, Cody B.                               

                                  Adam C, James V.


              Next Week ≈ Ronald B, Bob R.

                                    Tommy W, Jay K.

                                    Scott N, Jim G.





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