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Temple Baptist Church


Sunday October 15, 2017






Bro. Mike Craig


Hymn #                                                I Saw the Light

Hymn # 532                                       Higher Ground

Prayer Time

Bro. Randy Moore


Hymn          # 178                                              He Is Lord

Hymn #                                              Man of Sorrows                                          




Bro. Mike Craig




Hymn #543            Nearer, My God, To Thee






             Practice continues tonight at 4:30 pm on a CHRISTMAS MUSICAL for our church on December 17th during the morning worship service that day. The choir will also be practicing some music to be performed on November 12th as a part of our “Veterans Day” appreciation.

If you have any questions, please contact Bro. Mark Atteberry @ 918-426714.  



Women’s Ministry Fellowship

Who?  All ladies

WHAT? A “pumpkin carving” fellowship

WHEN? October 28th, @ 6:00 pm

WHERE? Fellowship hall

*bring a pumpkin & paints

**A snack surprise will be provided

***Questions? Contact Julie Floyd @ 405-308-8380



         To the YOUTH GROUP of TBC

          Saturday October 28th…we will start the day with a ZOO TRIP…then back to the church to have supper together…AND then we’ll head to OKC to JUDGEMENT HOUSE 2017. Hope you can come to all or even part of the day.  More details soon.

                               ALSO… our next D*NOW is being planned for November 10th through 12th. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD…We NEED YOUJ



Men’s Fellowship

All “retired/semi-retired” men are invited to the next fellowship time this Tuesday morning, October 17th, beginning @ 8:30 am in the fellowship hall.


Coming October 29th

Observing the Lord’s Supper--------------11:00 am

5TH  Sunday Music service----------------------6:00pm



There will be an important lunch meeting for ALL Sunday School teachers & their families TODAY, TODAY, TODAY, at 12:30 pm in the  fellowship hall.

Bro. Robert Schoenecke will be speaking to the group about needs, encouragement, and problems in our Sunday school classes.

Please make plans to attend!!!



Everyone who is a child of God has been commanded by the Son of God to be an active member of a local New Testament Church.  Our Church family is alive and growing - it is an exciting place to be!  This is truly "God's Family Place" and we encourage you to become a member of our family!  You may join our church family in one of the following ways:

1.  by your public profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, followed by believer's baptism into our church family.

2.  by your promise of a letter from another Baptist church of like faith and order.

3.  by your statement that you have been born again and have been Scripturally baptized by immersion into a Baptist church of like faith and order.

4.  by Baptism if coming from another Christian denomination.

5.  by "watch care" if coming as a college student.  

Bro. Mike Craig - Pastor

Bro. Randy Moore - Associate Pastor Of

               Youth & Outreach

 Bro. Mark Atteberry - Music Minister \


Opportunities for this week


Sunday October 15, 2017

   Sunday School BIBLE study classes                       9:45 am

   Children’s Church (immediately after the offering)                  

  Morning Worship - Bro. Mike Craig preaching    11:00 am

 “The Church: Making a DIFFERNCE”

Matthew 5:13-16


    Sunday School teachers lunch/meeting            12:30 pm

    Choir practice                                                       4:30 pm

    Evening WorshipBro Mike Craig preaching      6:00 pm

“Getting what you want; and not wanting what you get!”

Revelation 6:1-17


Tuesday October 17, 2017

    Retired/Semi-retired Men’s fellowship                     8:30 am

   Pottawatomie/ Lincoln Baptist Association meeting   2:00 pm

(Sharon Baptist Church, Tecumseh)


Wednesday October 18, 2017


     > Children’s Music & Bell choir                           6:30 pm

     >  Business Meeting  &  Prayer meeting             7:00 pm

     >  College “Revive” meeting

     >Youth meetings

     < Children’s classes

     > Women’s Bible study-Annie Keehn ( E-101)    8:15 pm






Today – A.M ≈ Kym C, Paula L, Keilani A.

Shawna B, Kacie G, Chotkey

P.M. ≈ Dedra J, Ruth C.


Next  Sunday A.M. ≈ Julie S, Raynetta M, Ryan S.

 Kay & Ken W, Mataeo A.

P.M. ≈ Barbie C, Mary N.


Deacon of The Month

Bob Renegar                                           833-4223       

            Jim Goostree                                          365--0107

If You Have A Need, Please Call.



Today ≈ Cody

Wednesday ≈ Benny /Cody

Next Sunday: ≈ Brian S.


Parking Lot Duty     

           Today: A.M = Cody B, Mike G.

                                  P.M. James V, Tommy W.

Wednesday ≈ Ed B,


Next Sunday: A.M. ≈ Adam C, Ed S.

P.M. ≈ Bob R, Benny F.

Wednesday:  ≈ Derrick W, Brian J.



                 Today        Ronald B, Bob R.                                             

                                     Tommy W, Jay K     

                                      Scott N, Jim G.


             Next Week  Ed B, Mike G,  

                                      Greg M, Tom D,

                                      Derek R, Oscar B.






Temple Baptist Church           1234 E. Highland   P.O. Box 3277

Shawnee, Ok  74802-3277

(405) 275-0937


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